Haage joogid OÜ

  • Fully changed out PET bottle blowing machine automation hardware and software. 


OLVI OY Group factories

Cesu alus

  • Process automation
  • Visualization and HMI for industrial processes
  • Archiving and creation of automatic reports from archive data
  • Expansion of the fermenting cellar
  • Integration of canned beer filling line, into the system
  • Integration of bottle filling line, into the systems
  • Automation of the syrup storage system
  • Syrup kitchen automation
  • Filling lines,  CIP renovation
  • Automation of the wine tanks
  • Modernization of online mixer for drinks. Simatic S5 to S7 upgrade
  • Regular service of automatization and control system

Lidskoje pivo

  • Design and implementation of factory automation
  • Installation and programming of archive server for process automation
  • Design and implementation of CIP automation
  • Design and implementation of process control for 8 tanks in fermenting cellar
  • Design and implementation for brewery automation
  • Wort cooling and ice water automation


  • Extension of the fermenting cip automation programs

Fors MW

  • Automation of prepaint washing for products.

Linda Nektar

  • Design and implementation of the factory automation process
  • CIP automation
  • online mixer automation
  • Water tank automation
  • Fermenting tank automation

Omniva sorteerimiskeskus

  • Automated line for photographing and sorting of small packages

Reedel Vara OÜ

  • Automation of semiautomatic gel-bottling machine

APL Production AS

  • Renovation of ventilation systems in the production area

Santa Maria AS

  • Designing process for rejecting and removal of glass jars

Eesti Raudtee

  • Maintenance of contact welding machine

Estover Piimatööstus OÜ

  • Audit of CIP

Liviko AS

  • Monitoring system for spirit tanks
  • Emergency maintenance of automation systems

Keila Veskid

  • Automation for raw material intake line.

Maag Piimatööstus AS

  • CIP automation for milk production.
  • Automation of boilers for cottage cheese
  • Monitoring system for milk storage tanks
  • CIP expansion for milk production 

Balbiino AS

  • Monitoring system for glaze storage tanks

Premia AS

  • Ice cream containers Level Monitoring

Brewery "Kochi Aidad"

  • Brewery commissioning

Coca Cola HBC Eesti AS

  • CIP Automation
  • Conveyor automation for container inspection machine
  • Automation of online mixer for drinks.
  • Modernization of bottle washer.
  • Service and maintenance of automation and control systems.

Salutaguse pärmitehas

  • Automatisation of control for fermenter Nr 2
  • Service and maintenance of automation and control systems

Onistar AS

  • Modernization of palletizer's control system. Simatic S5 to S7 upgrade
  • Modernization of packing machine's control system. Simatic S5 to S7 upgrade

Krimelte OÜ

  • Service and maintenance of automation and control systems

BC Prozesstechnik GmbH

  •  Olvi OYJ  Commissioning of product tanks automation system

Filter AS

  • Fortum Tartu automation of water treatment for a cogeneration plant